Saturday, 24 September 2016

Are your nails ready for autumn? Beautiful Collection from Mezmris Nail Lacquer

Good Morning Ladies
I am very excited today because I would like to show you a very exclusive autumn collection of Indie polishes created by the very talented Sammy from 'Mezmris Nail Lacquer'. She was so nice and offered me them for review. Her collection is hand made and cruelty free. Also they are 5 Free which means that there are no toxic ingredients and our nails are staying healthy and safe.
The whole collection is wonderful and I had a problem choosing which nail polish should be tried first.
From left:
1. Equinox
2. Solstice
3. Spaceman
4. Psychedelic  Galaxy

And here is the lucky one...beautiful, intense golden ginger with a thousand sparkly and shiny particles...colour and spicy taste of autumn...

The Solstice is a very warm, deep orange/ ginger shade with semi gloss finish. The formula is quite thick but very easy to work with. I applied two normal coats but I think that one thick one could be enough. The pigmentation is fantastic. I wish all polishes could have such intensive colours. I was wearing it almost one week and nail polish stayed with the same very good condition all the time with no chippings at all.
And I am leaving you with my pictures....

If you like Indie Nail Polishes you should definitely check Mezmris Nail Lacquer Facebook Page 'click'  and I am sure that everybody would find something for themselves.

Have a nice day
Fife Fantasi



  1. I like this colour, perfect for autumn ! :)
    Kissess from Cracow :)

  2. Fajna kolekcja :) Jestem ciekawa reszty kolorów;)

  3. great color!

  4. Czekam na inne kolorki :) zapowiadają się ciekawie :)

  5. Świetny rudzielec, niebanalny :)

  6. Oh wow this one is spectacular! It looks gorgeous on your nails. Such a warming and vibrant shade!

  7. Cudowny kolorek <3


  8. Fantastyczny kolorek <3 w ogóle bardzo fajna ta kolekcja :)


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